Meet the Intellisense team




Founder and CTO

Lucky is the founder and owner of several tech startups mostly in the field of data acquisition and educational technology. A true believer of hi-tech, an innovative and creative mind, who challenges himself by 24h walking tours (he lost one of his shoes once, but he still finished). His childhood passion is astronomy (he saw more than 900 meteors in one night during the Perseide meteor storm) and he enjoys scuba-diving, rock and mountain climbing, paragliding, caving. His 5 yrs old daughter published her first book recently. When he was a child he had a giant poster of Mount Shukshan near Seattle on the wall of his room, as an adult he followed up on that and visited the real thing. These days he is learning to play the piano




Motto: Being a hero is easy, staying alive is more difficult. Rendi is an ex-corporate leader, who landed on startup planet by „lifestyle design”. A creative playmaker, tech and app junkie, who loves his suits, but often wears a hoodie instead these days. Started out as a war correspondent, had his own TV-show and there is a book published about him titled „The Ultimate Boyscout”. Enjoys life („the batman lifestyle”), traveling, offline sunglasses, creating art and saving the world. He named his dog after Jack Bauer and Jack Daniels (one helluva combo). He thinks of Planet Earth as his home and believes that tech can make this planet better and more fun.

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Head of quality testing and support

Motto: Too amateur to be a geek, too geek to be an amateur. David is a middleman between development and management. He’s responsible for software quality and account management of Intellisense’s flagship product - Intel Education Lab Camera. Totally believes that there’s only one thing needed to change the world for better: Education. David has tried different roles through his carreer. At 14 he started from cleaning the factory floor around people programming PLC controllers. The next year he came back as a PLC programming assistant. He studied in Poland, he was a freelancer doing web design and development, later a test engineer and then a telco backbone system analyst in Iran. While working for Intel Corp as an Education Ecosystem Manager for CEE he realized the importance of bringing technology to schools and education technology. At Intellisense, he is devoted to bringing highest quality education software to thousands of schools in the world. David enjoys all kinds of woodworking, especially giving new life to pieces found on the street or garage sales. David is a djembe (what the heck is that? Google is your friend) player and is hoping to create a band with his sons in the future.



Marketing and sales manager

Motto: Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll end up among the stars.Judy is an ambitious hurricane with a competitive edge, who thinks nothing is impossible, it’s just the question of doing it the right way. She is a kicka$$ marcom girl who always smiles and sometimes dances. Her playful character shines through the gloomy autumn days in the office. She started her sales career as a little girl by selling her toys and the flowers from the garden in front of the house (without her parents’ approval of course), she had even created hand drawn flyers. She enjoys skiing, cycling, reading, dancing, movement in general, networking, paranormal activities and movies. Judy rides a scooter to work and whenever she travels a sofa has to be put in front of her hotel room. She believes the most important in life is honest communication and caring about other people.



<b>PÁL HONTI</b>



Motto: Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.Pali truly has game, his game is tech, his tech is game. An MIT and SU alumni, who is a real education and gaming enthusiast, a conference performer, a talking head with content and a maniac Kickstarter pledger. He is interested in forms, functions and when form follows functions. Pali creates pixel art from floppy disks or dice and enjoys (surprise!!!) any kind of gaming. Likes traveling, reading (online and offline), snow and speed. He builds autonomous robots too (so beware!).



The Dog

Motto: Woof-woof, ruff-ruff, bow-wow! Jack, the Jack Russell Terrier was named after the coolest action-hero and the Old No. 7 Tennessee bourbon and he tends to live up to his name. He is a true action dog with some tricks up his sleeve, but he can be smooth as a bourbon after a long day too. Jack appeared in several commercials and TV shows and loves attention. He likes to attend long meetings (especially the ones where pizza is involved). Usually spends his day walking around in the office checking on fellow workers or thinking about the next big thing on the couch in Rendi’s office. Jack digs gaming, hiking, culinary experiences, movies about animals and balls. He believes that you have to be big even if you are small.


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